Microsoft Intune end-user handouts and videos

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Microsoft Intune is the company’s mobile device management cloud service. It holds a tremendous amount of promise for companies adopting it, but there’s a problem: users.

In the early days of Intune, before conditional access, companies relied on end users to enroll their devices voluntarily. Of course, these users jumped on the bandwagon. (Just kidding: They didn’t.) Even with conditional access, users would forgo the productivity benefits of accessing work resources to keep their personal devices personal.

The key was education. So, Microsoft tasked us with producing content that companies could use to educate their end users and help them enroll their devices. We delivered in a big way.

End-user handouts

The first part of our solution was a handout that companies could rebrand, customize, and distribute to their end users. The goals were obvious:

  • Describe the benefits of enrolling their devices in Intune.
  • Put their minds at ease by describing what would happen after enrollment.
  • Spell out what enrollment would mean to their privacy and what power they were giving to IT to manage their device.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for enrolling devices, un-enrolling them, installing apps, and resetting lost devices.

Just one handout wouldn’t do, however, so we produced four versions of the handout. We created one version for customers who used conditional access and one for customers who didn’t. The differences in the experience warranted both versions.

For each of those versions, we designed two projects. The first was an Adobe InDesign project that customers could easily rebrand and customize to create a highly polished handout. The second was a Microsoft Word document for customers without desktop publishing capability. In both cases, we provide all of the assets required for the project.

Microsoft posted the project files in the TechNet Gallery. The last time we checked, the handout had been downloaded more than 13,000 times.

End-user and IT pro videos

End-user tutorial videos​

To support the end-user handouts, we also produced end-user tutorial videos. In fact, the handouts directly linked to the videos so that end users could see the steps performed.

We produced a total of 15 videos. For Android, iOS, and Windows devices, we produced videos for enrollment without conditional access, enrollment with conditional access, un-enrollment, device reset, and app installation. Microsoft hosts these videos on YouTube.

We edited these videos with end users in mind. We kept them short and fast paced, with no dead air during the demo. In fact, we used several cinematic techniques to keep them moving them along quickly and make them a little less boring to watch.

IT pro training videos​

End users weren’t the only demographic that Microsoft wanted to target with some good videos. The company also wanted to give IT pros a bit of help.

Therefore, we produced videos for IT pros about two key Intune features. First, we produced a video that described conditional access in detail. This video included animations that illustrates how the feature works and how it changes the enrollment process. It also included demos that show how to configure and manage conditional access in Intune plus how it affects the end-user experience.

The second video served a similar purpose for mobile app management in Intune.

Wildly successful results

The results were beyond our expectations. The handouts and videos have been consumed many thousands of times. As a result, we continue to update the handouts and videos to keep pace with the evolution of Intune.