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  • Dave Field
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  • Stephen Rose
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  • Randy Martin

Jerry has a unique skill to get to the heart of a technical matter and drive clarity in purpose and design. I have not met anyone better to lead complex IP programs or develop one-off content for any purpose. He is backed by absolutely the best team I have ever had the pleasure of meeting: Technical Editors, Copy Editors, Project Managers, and Authors. In 15 years, I have never seen anyone regret hiring his team.

Principal Partner Technical Consultant

Jerry and the team at Honeycutt Inc. produce professional, engaging content for technical audiences. Whether it’s a white paper on a specific deployment or device management scenario, or a video demonstration of a new product feature, they pay strong attention to detail, clarity, and creating a polished final product. Jerry, in particular, is very hands-on in kicking off each project, and making sure that every client is satisfied with the end result. As a fellow small business owner, I partner with Jerry and his team to help me scale to meet projects on tight deadlines or outside our scope of offerings, and I’ve never been disappointed.

Founder and Principal

I have had the pleasure of working with Honeycutt Inc. for nearly 10 years. Jerry and his team have driven our key end-user content for the deployment and management of the Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems as well as Microsoft OneDrive. His team have deep-dive experience with the products and can produce the level of content IT pros expect. In addition, his video team crafts spot-on videos in the 3- to 5-minute “sweet spot” that are direct without marketing fluff. Our latest project was filling in the gaps in our OneDrive content. My vision was an end-to-end, step-by-step guide to help IT pros pilot, deploy, manage, and secure OneDrive. Jerry completed the project ahead of schedule and on budget. I cannot imagine creating deployment and management content for our audience without having Jerry and his team to support us.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

I just completed my first set of projects with Jerry and his team, research and writing three eBooks for the security products in Microsoft 365. It’s a challenge to find writers who have enough technical depth and product knowledge to create content for security, but Jerry came highly recommended from my colleagues as someone you can count on for technical accuracy and professionalism. I can happily say that the team delivered. Elsa kept the ship on schedule, and I enjoyed geeking out with Jerry on the nuances that take marketing content from okay to impressive.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Few people know the business of technology through and through like Jerry. But what truly fascinates me about him is his ability distill all the whiz-bang features and make it relatable, simple, and meaningful. In other words, Jerry still realizes that technology is all about improving our lives and not getting caught up in technology for technology’s sake. He also knows how to take command and effectively write and communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly about most any given product. I’m always looking forward to being part of Jerry’s creative team.

Executive Producer/Senior Director

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