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Graphic design and illustration that engages IT pros

Graphic design is integral to everything we do. We produce unique, informative artwork that inspires IT pros to realize your value propositions.

Our services:​

  • Annotations
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Logos
  • Page layout
  • Photography
  • Screenshots
  • Storyboards
  • Technical diagrams
  • Technical posters
  • User experience
  • Video style frames

graphic design

Great artwork inspires customers in a way that even the best copywriting alone cannot. Therefore, graphic design and illustration are key parts of everything we do, from the humblest blog post to the most interesting animation.

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We produce technically accurate artwork that your customers can depend on to deepen their understanding.

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We engage customers with imaginative artwork that inspires them to learn about your product’s value props.

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We design goal-oriented illustrations that help customers learn and retain more with less time and effort.

Graphic design and illustration samples

Select a sample for a detailed description.

We created these sample images from a variety of guides, brochures, handouts, videos, and technical posters. They span about 3 years. Graphic design is a key part of most of our deliverables, and you’ll find recent projects in our project portfolio.

Deployment phases graphic
Electronic flight bag (EFB) architecture
Electronic flight bag (EFB) components
End-user password reset handout
End-user Intune enrollment handout
Intune start simple graphic
Mobile device life-cycle diagram
Rights management dataflow diagram
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) key usage diagram
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) pillars illustration
Microsoft 365-powered devices explainer
Microsoft 365-powered devices explainer
Microsoft 365-powered devices explainer
Windows as a service explainer
Windows deployment poster
Windows deployment poster
Volume Activation in Windows poster
Windows deployment options poster
Windows malware poster
Virtual private network (VPN) architectural diagram
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Graphic design is at the heart of everything we do. Every white paper, video, and landing page involves great design.

—Jerry Honeycutt, Founder