OneDrive for Business deployment guides and videos

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OneDrive for Business is the leading file storage and collaboration service from Microsoft. Everyone using Office 365 knows and loves OneDrive. We certainly do.

Microsoft asked us to create deployment and management content to fill gaps in the company’s OneDrive guidance. As a result, we developed a deployment and management guide for enterprises and a quick-start guide for small businesses. We also produced a series of videos that demonstrate how to deploy, migrate to, and manage OneDrive. Keep reading to learn more about this project’s deliverables.

OneDrive demo videos

Customer testimonial

I have had the pleasure of working with Honeycutt Inc. for nearly 10 years. Jerry and his team have driven our key end-user content for the deployment and management of the Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems as well as Microsoft OneDrive. His team have deep-dive experience with the products and can produce the level of content IT pros expect. In addition, his video team crafts spot-on videos in the 3- to 5-minute “sweet spot” that are direct without marketing fluff. Our latest project was filling in the gaps in our OneDrive content. My vision was an end-to-end, step-by-step guide to help IT pros pilot, deploy, manage, and secure OneDrive. Jerry completed the project ahead of schedule and on budget. I cannot imagine creating deployment and management content for our audience without having Jerry and his team to support us.

OneDrive guide for enterprises

The OneDrive guide for enterprises helps companies plan for, deploy, and manage OneDrive. It gives recommendations for planning the deployment process and helps readers identify the best tools for the job. Of course, it also provides step-by-step instructions for using those tools. Companies of any size can find what they need in this guide, since the recommendations are based on size; and existing deployment and management infrastructure. You can see this guide in production at OneDrive guide for enterprises, or see the screenshots below. By the way, several of the screenshots show our videos embedded in the documentation.

OneDrive QuickStart guide for SMBs

The OneDrive QuickStart guide for small businesses helps small businesses deploy and configure OneDrive. It provides guidance that makes sense for smaller organizations, such as manual and scripted installation; or using the OneDrive Admin Center for management. You can see this guide in production at OneDrive QuickStart guide for small businesses, or see the screenshots below.