Quick and easy firsthand experience

Hands-on labs (HOLs) that customers ❤️ to experience

We deliver frustration-free HOLs that give IT pros firsthand experience with your product in a risk-free environment that requires no setup.

Our services:

  • Virtual hands-on labs
  • Instructor-led labs
  • On-premises setup​
  • Events and tradeshows​
  • Demo kits​
  • Proof-of-concept kits​
  • Device-based labs​
  • Lab monitoring​

HOLs at a fast pace

Our hands-on labs are purpose built to drive adoption of your product. We’re expert lab developers, so we know how to give a great user experience.

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Our IT experts deliver labs that increase customers’ understanding of your product and its value props.

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Easy to use

We develop and test frustration-free lab experiences that put the spotlight on your product—not the HOL.

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The disciplined processes we use help deliver high-quality labs at a pace that matches the cadence of modern IT.

Our hands-on labs rock

In the screenshot below, select each hotspot for more information about our hands-on labs. See our project portfolio to learn about our recent HOL projects.

Example of our hands-on labs (HOLs)

Preconfigured cloud tenants all but eliminate setup time.

We design our HOLs to give users a high probability of success.

Instructions are accurate, precise, and verified through quality assurance.

Extra depth gives users the information they need to understand the technology.

Bonus content (e.g., videos, job aids, quizzes) enhances retention.

Our editorial guidelines help ensure consistency throughout the lab.

We organize labs to prevent task fatigue, making them quicker to finish.

Our labs can update their content dynamically, making them easier to maintain.

Try a sample HOL

If you prefer something more interactive, try our sample HOL. (We host this and all of our labs on the Learn on Demand Systems platform.) We built this sample without VMs, so it loads quickly and gives you a look at a pure cloud-service lab. If you’d like to experience a lab with VMs, reach out and say hello.

We’re uniquely qualified to build labs for your product because we’re your customer. We get it.

—Jerry Honeycutt, Founder