Windows Tech Series IT pro training workshops

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The Windows Tech Series is a three-day workshop for Microsoft partners about Windows 10 deployment, management, and security. It’s full of technical presentations, live demos, and hands-on labs (HOLs). The presentations offer a lot of useful information, but it’s the demos and HOLs that partners want. The demos give partners a chance to see technology in action, and the HOLs offer practical experience. Importantly, the workshop also helped develop partners’ businesses as Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers for Windows.

We didn’t produce the content for the Windows Tech Series. Instead, we ran events across the United States and Canada. Our IT pro trainers were already deeply familiar with content, but they invested a great deal of time making sure they owned the presentation, demo, and HOL content as if they wrote it themselves. The results showed: We achieved nearly perfect evaluations at every event.


Windows Tech Series content

  • Deployment infrastructure
  • Applications and updates
  • Managing Windows as a service
  • Browsers and internet security
  • Secure Boot and Device Guard
  • Base system setup
  • Configuration
  • Managing client devices
  • Advanced client management
  • Analysis of common threats
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Hardening Windows
  • Small and midsized businesses
  • Windows Enterprise Subscription
  • Cloud Solution Provider program