Windows Defender ATP explainer videos

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Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a Microsoft platform that helps to prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. Microsoft asked us to produce several explainer videos for this platform that included demos and animation plus live footage of a presenter to tie it all together. See the showreel below for samples of our work, and read past the fold to learn more about this project.

Explainer video showreel

Reviewer comments

The video is awesome!!
This looks really great … everything looked perfect to me.
That’s great, can’t wait for this to go public.
First take on this video—This is AWESOME. Thank you all for all the hard work on this! I like it as is, so no changes to suggest.
I think it looks great!
The video looks really good from my perspective.
I really liked the videos, overall it looks great!
Great video!

Windows Defender ATP explainer videos

  • Antivirus
  • Application Control
  • Application Guard
  • Attack Surface Reduction
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Network Protection
  • Reputation Analysis

Windows Hello security key device demos

  • Windows Hello (NFC) security key demo
  • Windows Hello (biometric) security key demo
  • Windows Hello (PIN) security key demo

Explainer video timeline

The timeline for this project was major feature of it. Our customer needed these delivered in just a few short months, and boy did we deliver. In that time, we:

  1. Set up and tested a demo lab for the explainer videos.
  2. Wrote the scripts and got them through a review process that included dozens of subject matter experts (SMEs). (That is not an easy accomplishment.)
  3. Recorded the demo presentations at our partner studio, AMS Pictures. (You can see photographs from the studio sessions below.)
  4. Designed and developed the animations required by each explainer video.
  5. Created a custom music arrangement for each video.
  6. Put each video together in our post-production facilities.

Snapshots from the studio